Book Review: “Bound to Be Free,” by D.A. Horton

Bound to be Free

Bound to Be Free, by D.A. Horton, has a nice sermonic quality to it. The book is divided into two sections: Part 1: The Performance Trap, and Part 2, The Trap of God’s Grace. Part 1 deals with what Horton calls a “performance trap” in which the entrapped person falls into a “self-induced legalism” in seeking acceptance from God. (p. 2) Regarding this “performance trap,” Horton writes: “In the performance trap, we run ourselves ragged trying to find success all in the name of earning God’s love.” (p. 2) Horton relates his personal experiences in this “trap” and expounds on the dangers and consequences of it.

In Part 2, Horton shows the reader the way out of the performance trap through trust in God, reconciliation to God, understanding God’s love for all of His children, and partnership with brothers and sisters in Christ. Horton seems to write from personal experience, and the personal stories interwoven throughout the book are a nice addition to the points Horton makes.

At first glance, this reader thought Horton’s choice of the phrase “Trap of God’s Grace,” seemed a bit unusual—indeed, it seemed contrived or forced to be the counterbalance to Part 1 of the book. However, Horton does make sense of the phrase, stating that “Inside the trap of grace we’re protected by Christ because it was His performance that was accepted by God, not ours.” (p. 100)

At about 172 pages, Bound to Be Free is a relatively quick and effortless read. On a scale of 1 through 5, I’d give the book a 4.

***NOTE***In exchange for my review, Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of the book. In no way was my receipt of the book contingent on a favorable review.


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